Yessie Mosby

”My great grand uncle taught me the art of Dhoeri making while my grand uncle taught me how to respect what I collect on my Island to make Dhoeris I was picked by them because of my bloodline. I am the eldest son of the eldest son of the eldest son of our clan group. The more I make Dhoeris the more I feel at one with my ancestors and the more my passion and respect grows for making the Dhoeris of my clan, my tribe Kulkalgal and my Island Masig.
I give thanks to my two Kulba thathi (deceased ancestors) for what they showed me in making Dhoeris. Making Dhoeris is very very sacred to me and my people and that is why very few make them. I and am extremely proud to be the youngest of my tribe and the very few who hold this special gift.”

Yessie Mosby March, 2012


Yessie Mosby is an Award winning craftsman and artist based on Masig Island, now also known as Yorke Island, in the Torres Strait.

Mosby's intricate headdresses known as Dhoeris are made using natural materials which include local plants, bird feathers and native seeds among other collected items. His work has been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia and other private collections and institutions.





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